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Can I use some pictures for my page? Yes! Just a little link to this site would be nice.
PS: For MS-IE users: Put the mouse over the picture and in a little frame you can see the path to the picture
Episodes on Video? I try to find a company where you can buy these videos. At this time (see the date at the end of this page) I found no business jet.
Episodes on DVD? No. Up till now nothing is known.
Where can i find the YCDTOTV-sound? You can find it on:
  • www.ycdtotv.de/ycdtotv/youcant.wav   (214 kB)
  • a list of youcant.wav-links
  • If you have visit www.ycdtotv.de with MS-IExplorer you have the sound
        in your computer in "Temporaty Internet Files":
        * WIN95/98 mostly: C:\WINDOWS\Temporaty Internet Files
        * NT 4.0 mostly: C:\%root%\Profiles\%user%\Temporaty Internet Files
  • You can also find the "Never Frequently Asked Questions" just click here

    YCDTOTV-FAQ   VERSION 10  are on the off. YCDTOTV Hompage available. please click here
    If you have some questions please send me an e-mail. webmaster @ ycdtotv.de
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